COE Prices in Singapore Lowest in 8 Years

img-1img-1No one could’ve predicted that COE prices would continue to fall in 2019, despite two major changes that have happened this year.

The first is the move from the Carbon Emissions-based Vehicle Scheme (CEVS) to the more holistic Vehicular Emissions Scheme (VES) which takes into account another 4 pollutants.

Unfortunately, this means that cars which used to enjoy rebates due to lower carbon dioxide emissions may now cost more due to surcharges thanks to VES. The addition of the 5th pollutant, particulate matter, in VES was expected to cause a rise in COE prices due to increased demand, as buyers scrambled to buy vehicles before costs increase in July. That didn’t happen.

The other change is the announcement that vehicle growth rate would drop to 0%, effective February 2018. This essentially means that no new COEs would be issued for cars [...]

img-2img-2In Singapore, you can buy parallel import cars from unauthorised dealers. And it’s perfectly legal.

We are not known as unauthorised dealers but more as Parallel Importers (PIs).

What is a Parallel Imported Car?

For car dealerships to get a distributorship status or authorised dealers, they need to impress and convince car companies to give exclusive rights to sell a particular brand. They do so by having an impressive showroom and a large paid-up capital. For example, Toyota’s authorised distributor is Borneo Motors while Nissan’s authorised distributor is Tan Chong Motors.

COE Price: we can help you bid COE at a cheap price. This is a technique to side-step authorised dealers selling cars with COE bundled in. Overall, the cost per unit vehicle for customers is lesser compared to authorised dealers.

Parallel importers (PIs) are basically smaller businesses that have bought the cars directly [...]

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